Meet The Team

Tara Dismore


Owner/Dream Maker

Tara is a living example that energy, hard work, being creative, and caring about people will make you successful in life. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Tara was trained to know how children work, what families like, and to never stop learning! She is known for her organizational skills and attention to detail. These traits inspired her to move forward to live by her motto “Collecting moments and not things”. In the spirit of wanting to help others do the same, Dismore Destinations was born. Tara now wears the hat of owner, but never wants to give up planning, which is her main passion. She has been visiting & loving Disney for 30+ years of her life, but there is a whole world out there which has lead to a collection of stamps in her passport. When letting her hair down with some kid free time, she has gained a vast knowledge of All Inclusive trips, Las Vegas, and multiple cruise lines, just to name a few! Communication and collaboration is key when planning dream trips, and you can count on that while experiencing the Dismore Destinations Difference.

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Amanda LoCicero


Dream Maker

Hello everyone! I’m your Dream Maker, Amanda. I was born and raised outside of Chicago. Since I was a child I loved to travel anywhere and everywhere including all places Disney related. My husband and I travel to Disney World and Disneyland throughout the year to experience all the parks (and cruises) have to offer. I grew up road tripping across the US and as I got older I started exploring new places like Maui, Oahu, Mexico, and the Bahamas to name a few. I look forward to seeing the world with my favorite travel partner, my husband Alex. My favorite part of traveling is photography. I always have a camera (or three) on me to capture every memory. Check out my Disney Instagram @pixiedusteddays to see some of my favorite Disney photos.

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Whitney Delamore


Dream Maker

Whitney has been traveling for as long as she can remember.  Her first Disney cruise, back when it was the Big Red Boat, was when she was three years old! She has cruised on just about every cruise line since then, and has a passion for sharing the world of cruise vacations.

Whitney attended the University of Central Florida, majoring in Hospitality Management and Event Planning.    Living in Orlando gave her the chance to visit the Disney and Universal parks like a local, getting to experience the "behind the scenes" afforded to very few.
Her previous experience as a meeting planner has given Whitney, not only a vast knowledge of world travel, but also the perfect organizational skills and attention to detail to plan the perfect vacation.  When she's not at home with her family, you can find her on a beach vacation somewhere!

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Melissa Marquardt


Dream Maker

Melissa’s first ever vacation was to Disneyland when she was six years old and she’s been hooked ever since on both Disney and traveling in general. Some of her favorite Disney memories are from the year she lived in Southern California and was a Disneyland annual passholder, which gave her the chance to explore all of Walt’s park.

She truly fell in love with Disney travel after taking her first Disney Cruise in 2004. Since then, she has reached Platinum Castaway Club status sailing on all four ships and has traveled all over the Caribbean and most recently to Alaska!

When she’s not on a Disney Cruise or visiting a Disney Park, she’s exploring the California Coast. From San Diego to San Francisco, there is not a part of the state that she hasn’t enjoyed. Melissa has planned every detail for her Disney trips, as well as trips all over the US, allowing for an effortless, stress-free vacation and she will pass this onto you!

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Dinah Simmonds


Dream Maker

There is a saying that it all started with a mouse. But for me – it definitely started with a curious young girl who fell through a rabbit hole as her cat named Dinah waved goodbye.

I too fell into that rabbit hole along with Alice and have had an infinity for Disney ever since. Going several times throughout childhood, I have carried that on to adulthood and don’t intend to stop! I have even made the trek to Shanghai Disneyland while my husband and I where over there, just so I could knock it off my Disney bucket list.

I love travel and have been to some far corners of the world, including China, over to several different countries across Europe, then down to the tropics into the West Indies as well as off the coast of Mexico. I have stayed in the states too, logging in many ski trips in the Rocky Mountains, or hitting up the Las Vegas Strip. I have travel with and without my kids. Starting from their age of 6 months old! (so I can relate!) If I am not talking about my travel adventures or Disney, then I am hoping someone will want to talk to me about travel or Disney!

I have spent the last 15 years as a marketing manager for a construction company, and I decided to utilize my creative and organizational skills in an area I am passionate about.

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Office Assistant/Company Mascot

Bailey works with us everyday.  Since she puts in so many hours, she often gets tired, most callers can hear her snoring in the background! She loves vacations & especially laying at the pool with a coconut drink!

Future Dream Maker


The Next Dream Maker Could Be YOU!

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