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Tara is a living example that energy, hard work, being creative, and caring about people will make you successful in life. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Tara was trained to know how children work, what families like, and to never stop learning! She is known for her organizational skills and attention to detail. These traits inspired her to move forward to live by her motto “Collecting moments and not things”. In the spirit of wanting to help others do the same, Dismore Destinations was born. Tara now wears the hat of owner, but never wants to give up planning, which is her main passion. She has been visiting & loving Disney for 30+ years of her life, but there is a whole world out there which has lead to a collection of stamps in her passport. When letting her hair down with some kid free time, she has gained a vast knowledge of All Inclusive trips, Las Vegas, and multiple cruise lines, just to name a few! Communication and collaboration is key when planning dream trips, and you can count on that while experiencing the Dismore Destinations Difference.

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Dream Maker

I too fell into that rabbit hole along with Alice and have had an infinity for Disney ever since. Going several times throughout childhood, I have carried that on to adulthood and don’t intend to stop! I have even made the trek to Shanghai Disneyland while my husband and I where over there, just so I could knock it off my Disney bucket list.

I love travel and have been to some far corners of the world, including China, over to several different countries across Europe, then down to the tropics into the West Indies as well as off the coast of Mexico. I have stayed in the states too, logging in many ski trips in the Rocky Mountains, or hitting up the Las Vegas Strip. I have traveled with and without my kids. Starting from their age of 6 months old! (so I can relate!) If I am not talking about my travel adventures or Disney, then I am hoping someone will want to talk to me about travel or Disney!

I have spent the last 15 years as a marketing manager for a construction company, and I decided to utilize my creative and organizational skills in an area I am passionate about.

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Dream Maker
Hello! Dream Maker, Roxanne here! I'm born and raised in the Northern Illinois suburbs, married and raising our 9yr old son, in our childhood neighborhood! (Fun fact! I actually grew up with Tara's Sister-in-law) Traveling has always been something I loved to do, and love helping others plan their own trips. It doesn't matter where we are going, I always have to search and search for the perfect accommodations. Whether it is staying in a busy city like Chicago, up deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, or the Mountains of Tennessee. I love it all.
My face lights up when you start talking Disney! I've traveled to Disney World so often that people give me that look when I tell them I'm going again. I'm the person that family, friends and colleagues go to with any questions regarding trips. We can talk for hours. I'll even send them with maps, with X's showing the most perfect photo locations! I love getting their messages, thanking me for the tips, while they're in the parks. I LOVE making memories, and helping people make their own!
I work as a Paraprofessional in the school district that I attended, yet I needed something that was my passion. Disney is my passion. Disney is a lifestyle.

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Dream Maker Team
Hello everyone! I am Dream Maker Kensey Schilhab, for as long as I can remember I have loved Disney World and traveling!  My mom took me on my first Disney trip for my 5th birthday and I was absolutely hooked.  Together, my mom and I affectionately call ourselves “Disney Adults”,  making our way to Disney World at least 2 times a year or more.  We have visited WDW more than 30 times!  For years our friends and family have asked us for advice when planning their Disney Vacations.  Now, as a Dismore Destinations travel agent, I’m excited to get the chance to to use all of my Disney knowledge and experience to make magical memories and dreams come true for others!   While we love Disney, we also love to travel and Cruise as a family.  We have sailed all through the Caribbean and Mexico and Traveled across the United States. One of the things I’ve grown to enjoy is documenting my time in Disney world and other places through Tiktok and Instagram. My infamous Disney vlogs can be found @we.kensey. However, there will soon be a Tiktok for Dismore Destinations where you can find my favorite Disney tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years as well as my vlogs I do while traveling. Follow my DISNEY INSTAGRAM: chasingmagic_   to follow along on trips, picture inspo, and of course any info regarding planning and traveling to Disney.
My amazing mom, Kelly, will be partnering with me as I take on this new challenge. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Communication from the University of Houston, and spends her free time assisting our cheer gym in planning and running events and fundraisers for the athletes. Known for her excel spreadsheets and google docs, her organizational skills are top-notch. However, her love of Disney is even greater. Our combined knowledge and experience will help us to partner with you and plan a Magical Vacation for your family too.
We can’t wait to help you make your travel dreams come true!

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Office Assistant/"DD Influencer"

Hey Y'all! I have been going to Disney since I was 6 months old! Going to see the mouse is not the only traveling that I do! I love heading to the beach, theme parks, & cruises! I have been to South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, as well as the Bahamas, just to name a few! All Inclusive is my favorite type of travel! You can follow me @the_brynlee_d on instagram to see all of the adventures that I go on! When I am not exploring the world you can find me  at All Star cheer practice at Woodlands Elite! When I am not there I am helping my mom on social media, in the background with paper work or mailings. I have to earn my coffee money somehow! One day I hope to level up and be a Dream Maker!


"DD Influencer"

I am a sophomore at Pearland High school! When I'm not at Disney world, I'm a high school cheerleader and a competitive Cheerleader at Woodlands Elite. In addition to loving all the classic Disney princesses, I am a huge Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy fan. You can follow me @we_karsyn!


Company Mascot

You can often hear that Bailey is in the main office "working hard" by her signature snore! Bailey loves coconut drinks, pool time, and "supervising" the office to make sure we are being productive! Call center staff knows her by name


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